Wednesday, March 10, 2004
*11:00 a.m.*

For those people that don't want to read my stuff on LJ, I'll just post some of the more important or amusing things that have happened as of late:

Weird Dreams (as per usual)
10:50am Feb. 22nd, 2004

This particular dream had me, Beau, Perry-senpai and Tamara (and a host of other people that I don't know). Mmm, let me see if I can remember the particulars here.

Mm, in this dream, Portland was actually dead center in the middle of the border between California and Oregon. I lived in Oregon and Tamara lived in California. AND, the biggest building right in the middle of the city on the border was Powell's Bookstore.

Now, Powell's catered to people in both states (because, well, a book store that huge would be stupid not to), so, there was always this weird feeling whenever someone from one stateside wandered over to the other side. (The different states had differnt things on each side, AND, Oregon had no sales tax. True-to-life. XD ) It was sort of like this feeling or fear of intercultural mingling. This didn't bother me or other people enough to stop from crossing the invisible border in the store to do see what people in California had to buy.

HOWEVER, I should likely mention this first. The only reason I was at Powell's was because Beau had some business of some sort to attend to on the California side of the city, and he asked me if I wanted to come to so that I could go to Powell's. =^_^= So, I walked with him through to the California doors and, as he walked diagonally across the old-town San Fransisco-ish street, I spotted Perry-senpai walking into a secondary entrance door within Powell's.

Being me and not having seen her in a long while, I -- essentially -- scurried over to where she had disappeared into. Much to my surprise, I found that it was an ice cream parlor where they only served hundred of different kinds of chocolate ice cream (and damn it all looked heavenly). They had like . . .3 berry + chocolate something flavors too, but that was it. ANYWAY, behind the counter, I saw Perry-senpai and struck up a conversation with her, asked her what she was doing, working in Powell's. She told me that she had JUST returned home and that THIS was her ice cream parlor. She -- using her Chemistry Masters/Doctorate/ect, had created the most perfect ice creams. ( And, you know what? THEY WERE PERFECT! XD ) Apparently, the store had been there for 2 days and it was already a big hit. This came as no surprise to me since this was Perry-senpai talking and the lines were huge. =^^=;; So, after some small talk, we agreed that she would come visit Beau and I later that night when she was done for the day.

At that point, I waved and turned to walk away, but then thought to ask her something else . . .only, when I turned back, it wasn't Perry-senpai anymore. It was Tamara. The ice cream parlor was still there and everything, but now, there was an addition to it for yarn and various yarn related goods. i.e. knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, ect. . .)

This took me completely off guard, especially when she said that she was about to go on break and asked if I wanted to join her. I said sure, and asked her were Perry went and she said that she "I don't know, she just disappears sometimes." Well, there wasn't much I could do or say about that, so, I stood and waited around for Tamara to finish her shift. In the meanwhile and looked at little things here and there that were for sale to see if there was anything that Beau or I would like . . .and found nothing.

Eventually, Tamara came and got me and we left out the entrance of the parlor back on to the street. We didn't go far though, just a couple of doors down on the same side of the street. Through these doors were apparently apartments and storage rooms for employees and college students. Soooo, we went to Tamara's storage room thing (it held all the textile, yarn stuff for the yarn part of the ice cream parlor). She asked me what I was crocheting and knitting as of late and I didn't tell her WHAT I was knitting, because she already knew that. She wanted to know what stitch I was working with, so, I pointed to this stitch that I saw that I didn't know the name of. Then, she suddenly got this huuuuuuuge grin on her face and asked me what kind of colours that I was working in and wanted to work in. I have her this puzzled "err . . ?" look and pointed to this blanket that had greens, purples, blues and dark pinks on it (it's hard to explain, gomen ne).

All of a sudden, she starts unrolling all of these huge paper rolls (XD) and inside is just all this flat, laid out yarn that needed to be turned into yarn palls and skeins. Then she just cut me some of the colours I wanted (which were all in a row -- I don't know why that was important, but it was). THEN, her door -- which she had closed -- creaks open a bit, like the wind or air pressure had done it, but she became all jumpy and looked suspiciously at the door. She walked over to the door and no one was there, so she closed it again and said, "We'll have to hurry with this, I need to get back to my shift. It's no good if someone comes here to try and find me when we're stealing from Powell's."

For some reason, that didn't strike me as odd and I just nodded and bowed profusely and we hurried back to the store. Rather than go inside, I told her that I would wait for Beau out front. Then she told me that she WOULD see me next week at the same time and we would do this again . . .and that we would help the "yarn shortage" of Oregon.

THEN, all of a sudden it was a week later and I was a commando yarn smuggler for the good of Oregon! >O There was all this apprehension and spy game stuff and it was just damn weird. The last thought before I was so rudely elbowed in the ribs and had the blankets stolen from me this morning though, was, "Jes will love this. I hope I don't get caught."


All right, so that's a pretty NOT strange dream for ME, but I still know that it's weird.

=^>.>^=; now, I shall go start some laundry.


Paintball ownage! XD
5:45pm, Feb. 28th, 2004

So, it's been a long three days. *lol* Completely filled with work, homework, going to the rec center, playing D&D and going paintballing.

=^^=;; The work and homework were more on the rushed + stressed + bleh side, but everything else was quality. XD Had a ton of Fun on Thursday night with D&D. Paul wasn't expecting the party to go gung-ho on him and try to storm the temple/castle thing. =^>.>^=;; A party made mostly of non-melee combat orientation characters is not the most likely of melee parties. =^e.e^=;; (We have a Paladin, a Bard, a Wizard and a Cleric (me).) =^^=;;

Friday was insaaaaanely busy. got to campus at 9:3-, had class until 11:00. Then had to turn in something that I had forgotten about by 11:30. After that Tamara, Dynee, Mark and I went to Cafe Sienna and had some very tasty Mexican food. (mm, yumm. The "Special Small Chicken Burrito" -- which is by no means small -- is DELICIOUS). THEN the four of us went back to SSIL, where Dynee, Gibran, Tamara and I started to finish painting the boss's office. . . only one of the people that was supposed to be working never showed up. =^>.<^= And it was a DE shift. PIFFFFF This person has done this a few times too. A N Y W A Y, we had the staff meeting and that was all good, then I went to the rec center and had fun with the rowing machine and a recumbent. After that, Beau came to get me and we went grocery shopping . . . =^-_-^= So, I was all sweaty and gross while handing and buying food. Bleh. Eventually we made dinner and then I played Mu and . . . fell asleep at the computer while waiting for one of my friends to log in. =^>.<^=!!!

Today was grand though. XD Woke up, went paintballing for the first time ever and had a ball. Jacob picked Tamara and I to be team captains and yeah, it was good. The first two rounds I had no idea what I was doing and was out really fast. XD The other four rounds were killer though. Three out of the six rounds ended up being me vs. Garron or me and Kartick vs. Garron. XD One time though, it ended up being Kevin vs. Garron. XD Sadly, in the last round, my gun died. =^-_-^= No, I wasn't out of paint balls, no, i wasn't out of compressed air. . . the gun just . . .died and the people at Paintball Palace couldn't figure out why. It's all good though, because the round before that one, I caught Garron by surprise. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD

Yeah, paintballing today had a lot of insane ownage and insanity. Anyone who is willing to crawl on that nasty ass floor like I did has to be insane. And damnit, anyone who can sit in one spot and not be seen and pick off people one at a time owns. >O Like me! MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Then I came home and took a shower and a nap and played some more Mu. =^_^= And here I am!

Oh! Annoyance of the week . . . my website is down to the bandwidth being gone. =^-_-^= That's such BS.

And and! OMG! GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! XD Must help the future people who will turn out like me. XD Lalalala! Support Girl Scouts! For they kick the asses of boy scouts in Oregon. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!


11:22am, Mar. 5th, 2004

All right . . .so, apparently more than half of my Japanese class is getting a D, and none of us can figure out why, not even the teacher. =^-_-^= And the teacher is being more than unpleasant about this too, so, today, I jokingly made a comment about protesting . . . and half of the class left. SO, there I was, with 4 other people, completely befuddled as people just got up and left. =^o.O^=; Hell, I may be one of the "smart kids" in that class and doing just as poorly (probably) as those people were, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to leave. >O Damnit! I am just one class away from my major and I am not going to ruin it by failing due to suddenly deciding that I'm not going to class! I've had fucking perfect ATTENDNCE this term and I . . .RAWR! I protest this protesting because all of my friends are protesting and I'm not and now I don't have a study partner or anything! >O RAWR!

DAMNIT! Joany and Quinn and Ryan and Garren, and Fischer! GET YOUR ASS BACK TO CLASS! >O Just write a nasty review about her and get her fired. >O


"Go now, you are forgiven, go"
10:32pm, Mar. 5th, 2004<

Hmm, sooo tired but I can't fall asleep, also saw some weird stuff on the way home today. eh, angsty-ness?

You see, near my house there is this train-field, where they repair all the trains that come through Eugene. Well, on the side of the road, there is this long line of short telephone poles that are about the proportion of a crucifix, and then right beneath one there was just the remains of a white bird that looked like it had been run over. And then there was just this sense of something lost or abandoned, and that retribution would be had soon. It wasn't a feeling like I was abandoned, or that I had done something wrong and my mind was trying to tell me so. This was just a feeling like something happened SOMEWHERE and that there would be consequences that EVERYONE would have ot pay.

Now, I'm not Christian in any way shape or form, in fact, I consider most Christianity as just another religion based off of M Y T H O L O G Y, especially seeing as how that's all it is EXCEPT for the fact that it's the popular religion for the time being. Still though, there are these socially taught symbols that people think they see, like I did today . . .



That's it for now. For more regular updates, check my Live Journal.


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